First Ever U.S. Malayali Radio Station joins AudioNow

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April 23, 2015 – Washington, D.C. Radio Heartbeats, the renowned 24 hour live Malayali station based out of Houston, Texas, and AudioNow, the world’s leading mobile provider for call-to-listen and in-language apps for broadcasters, announced a partnership today to vastly expand Radio Heartbeats’ audio content through AudioNow’s mobile platform.

Radio Heartbeats’ in-language programs in Hindi, Malayali and Tamil can be now accessed from any phone in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Listeners can access Radio Heartbeats’ content by simply dialing the local access phone number on any landline or mobile device. The service does not require a smartphone or apps and uses voice minutes rather than data plans. The list of access numbers for Radio Heartbeats is as follows:

Radio Heartbeats USA: 712.832.2601
Radio Heartbeats U.K: 330.606.0916
Radio Heartbeats Australia: 028.072.5103

Radio Heartbeats is especially dedicated to providing Christian as well as Hindu devotional programming in multiple languages of the subcontinent. The first ever Malayali station to be established in the United States, Radio Heartbeats, is also the only 24 hour live station providing Hindu religious programming with shows like the popular “Abhishek Agni” which has over one hundred thousand dedicated listeners.

After an impressive career as a financial consultant in Dubai, Anthony Roy started Radio Heartbeats in 2008 after moving to Houston, Texas. It was the dearth of any Malayali language based radios in the U.S that prompted Roy to lay the foundations of Radio Heartbeats. The goal now is to provide high quality audio content in multiple languages to Indians all over the globe.

“AudioNow has helped us realize a dream — a dream to be accessible to listeners everywhere in the world. They have helped us transcend boundaries by providing us call-to-listen numbers which eliminate limitations like radio frequencies and internet availability. We are also extremely excited about and look forward to AudioNow developing a customised app for our Radio Heartbeats.”

About Radio Heartbeats

Radio Heartbeats was founded in 2008 on a 1460 AM frequency in Houston, Texas. The main idea behind the creation of Radio Heartbeats was to provide 24 hour live programming in South Indian languages like Malayali and Tamil along with Hindi, the official language of India.
What started as the first station dedicated to providing Hindu and Christian devotional content, Radio Heartbeats, today is the premiere South Indian station providing high quality content to thousands of dedicated listeners all across the globe over a network of seventeen stations featuring content that covers the entire spectrum from devotional programming to Tollywood singing.

About AudioNow

AudioNow, based in Washington, DC, is the leading call-to-listen platform in the world. With broadcast partners on every continent, AudioNow extends the reach of radio by connecting mobile listeners to their favorite radio stations through a simple telephone call. The AudioNow platform uses proprietary “HD” voice design and patent-pending technology that serves all mobile platforms. AudioNow has more than 2,500 broadcast partners, including global leaders such as the United Nations, BBC, RFI, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, Entravision, C-SPAN and IMG College. In 2014, there were in excess of 100 million unique sessions into the AudioNow platform, enabling these broadcasters to extend their reach with content in 96 different languages, and across 130 different nationalities and ethnic groups. AudioNow delivered an incremental 2.5 billion listening minutes to its broadcaster partners last year.