Trans World Radio, Global Christian Media Organization, Partners with AudioNow® for Spanish Language Programs

January 25, 2016 – Washington, D.C. International media organization TWR (Trans World Radio) announced the expansion of mobile accessibility to its Spanish-language broadcasts in partnership with AudioNow ®, the world’s leading Call-to-Listen ™ service. Listeners anywhere in the United States can now hear A Traves de La Biblia (Thru the Bible) and Alimento para el Alma (Food for the Soul), through a simple telephone call.

To listen to A Traves de la Biblia simply call 605-475-4488.

To listen to Alimento para el Alma call 605-475-4499.

This Call-to-Listen™ service, provided by Washington D.C. based AudioNow ®, is a way to reach audiences on any mobile phone. Listeners do not need a smartphone or data plan, as calls use regular mobile minutes with no extra charge.

With headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, Trans World Radio is the largest evangelical media organization in the world. Founded in 1954, TWR has grown to deliver programming in more than 230 languages and dialects through broadcast partners in more than 160 countries.

A Traves de La Biblia is the Spanish version of Thru the Bible, a time-honored series spanning a five-year cycle and guiding listeners through the entire Bible. The Spanish-language radio program Alimento para el Alma is the companion to a popular book offering 365 daily devotionals. Both programs are accessible through daily broadcasts on stations throughout Latin America and the United States. Now through AudioNow’s® Call-to-Listen™ service, for the first time audiences can listen to new episodes of either program at any moment of the day from anywhere in the United States. Listeners also have the option to leave a message for the program hosts.

AudioNow® is the world’s largest Call-to-Listen™ platform and leading provider of innovative mobile apps for broadcasters. With more than 3,500 broadcast partners worldwide, AudioNow ® helps deliver content in over 100 languages to audiences representing more than 140 nationalities and ethnicities. Broadcast partners include industry leaders such as the BBC, RFI, and Voice of America as well as leading faith-based broadcasters such as the Bible Broadcasting Network, Adventist World Radio, the Christian Satellite Network and Radio Maria.

“For a long time TWR has wanted to provide an easy way to hear our content by phone, and AudioNow is helping us achieve that,” said Jim Munger, TWR’s director of U.S. Hispanic Ministry.

“At AudioNow we want to increase access to programming people care about and want to hear, in turn increasing the impact of the broadcast. That is our aim for TWR,” said Natalie White, Manager of Business Development for AudioNow®.