Portland’s Freedom 970 Talk Radio Now on Any Mobile Phone

Portland, OR, November 12, 2010: Freedom 970 Talk Radio has joined forces with AudioNow to provide listening on any mobile phone, 24/7, by dialing 712-432-6645.

“We have talented broadcasters, not afraid to say what’s on their minds no matter who is sitting across the table. This is what talk radio is all about and we’ve got an amazing line-up on FREEDOM 970.” Says former Director of Talk Programming, Brian Jennings. “Our partnership with AudioNow allows our listeners to be able to hear their talk radio station anywhere, anytime, on any phone.”

“With high demand for talk radio shows like Sean Hannity, listening to Portland’s leading talk radio broadcaster should be as easy as pressing a speed dial key on any mobile device which listeners can now do.” says Marcel Barbulescu, the Chief Technology Officer of AudioNow. “Simplicity for broadcasters and listeners is the key to AudioNow’s technology platform.”


970 AM became Freedom 970 KUFO on March 7th, 2010 when Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin came to the station in a major programming shift in Portland. Since then, the station has added Brian Kilmeade of Kimede and Friends to morning drive 5-9am, Herman Cain 9am-12noon and Chad Benson 3pm-6pmand Lars Larson’s national show from 9pm to Midnight . Freedom 970 believes in smaller government, less taxation, capitalism, fair immigration laws, and free speech and thought.


AudioNow® is the leading provider of mobile phone broadcast radio distribution in the country. It uses proprietary, patent-pending technology that allows any fixed or mobile phone to access live audio programming without any downloads across all mobile platforms. Visit www.audionow.com to learn more and register.


Contact Information:

At KUFO Freedom 970:
Thor Waage
Mike Alston

At AudioNow:
Marcel Barbulescu, CTO