New AudioNow Survey Provides Direct Line into Audience Research

New “AudioNow Insights” Survey Feature Brings Broadcasters Closer to their Audience 

Survey shows respondents extremely engaged in national elections

Washington, D.C. – April 2, 2013 – AudioNow, the leading call-to-listen mobile phone platform in the United States, released today a multilingual survey that gauged issues of top concern among ethnic communities, including gun control. Five participating broadcasters – Radio America 1540 AM; La Que Buena 1640 AM (in Spanish); Radio Kiskeya (in Creole); Punjabi Radio USA (Punjabi); and Radio Chardi Kala — offered a unique window into the opinions of in-language audiences, with callers participating from across the U.S.


The survey launches the company’s AudioNow® Insights TM feature, a unique tool that enables audience research among participating broadcasters on the AudioNow platform. With exceptionally high audience response rates and cost efficiencies unavailable through traditional outbound polling, the service offers a window into opinions among the hardest to reach communities in the U.S.


Key findings of the survey included: 


• Among Spanish speakers, 52% of eligible voters report immigration as the number one issue in their community, compared to 71% of respondents ineligible to vote in the 2012 elections – a 19 point gap.   Across communities interviewed, listeners report immigration as the top issue facing their community. 


• At least 7 out of 10 listeners within each community say that they favor stricter gun control laws in the United States.  Of respondents who report keeping a gun or firearm in their home, 82% say that they support stricter gun control laws in this country.   More telling, support is not lost among gun owners when they hear about specific proposals.  


• Of 1,138 interviews conducted among adults who were eligible to vote in 2012, a full 71% of respondents report actually voting – approximately 10% higher than the national average in recent presidential elections.

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From February 14-21st, the survey was conducted among 2,040 news attentive listeners, from five broadcasting stations.  Included in the sample are 619 interviews among Spanish speaking listeners; 405 interviews among Creole speaking listeners, and 1,016 interviews among listeners in the Punjabi community.  AudioNow retained the services of Hart Research Associates in Washington to produce the survey.


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Radio America can be listened to live anytime through AudioNow by dialing: 213.493.0154. 
La Que Buena : 712.432.1970.
Radio Kiskeya: 415.655.0850
Punjabi Radio USA: 832.551.5029
Radio Chardi Kala: 832.551.5038


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