Multimedios and AudioNow® Plus Announce Launch of New Radio App with Mobile Money Transfer

First-ever send-money feature for media apps connects Multimedios’ U.S. audience to friends and family in Mexico and Latin America

August 25, 2016 – Washington, D.C. Multimedios, one of Mexico’s premier media groups with headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico, today announced the availability of their new radio app complete with a money transfer capability – they are among the first broadcasters to employ the technology. The app is launched in partnership with AudioNow® Plus, the technology affiliate of AudioNow®, the world’s largest mobile distribution platform connecting 4,000+ in-language broadcasters with their audiences in diaspora. Viamericas Corporation, an international licensed remittance company, facilitates user transactions within the app to Latin America.

Available on all Android and iOS devices, Multimedios’ new radio app allows listeners across the U.S. to send money home to friends and family conveniently from their mobile phone, while listening to their favorite radio broadcast. User transactions are sent via a licensed remittance service, and provide a secure and low cost alternative to in-person transactions. In addition to the app, Multimedios audiences will be able to send money with Viamericas through the radio station’s website.

Last year the U.S. accounted for $23.7 billion remitted to Mexico, according to the Wall Street Journal. And Multimedios’ announcement comes at a time when immigrants are starting to send money more often through digital platforms, computers and phones.

Multimedios’ new radio app also features some of Mexico’s top news and entertainment programming from Milenio Radio, La Caliente, and Hits FM with all of the network’s 40+ stations streaming live.

Listeners can search by genre or locations for their favorite or hometown broadcast, compiling a list of preferred stations on the app’s home screen.

“In addition to expanding access to our top-quality programming for audiences across Mexico and the U.S., we are so excited to extend to our many listeners in diaspora this convenient send-money capability. It’s a valuable service and connection to home,” said Alberto Dominguez, director of affiliate relations at Multimedios.

“The in-app money transfer feature is a valuable resource media can offer their listeners in diaspora. At the same time, it provides an entirely new revenue stream for broadcasters. AudioNow is proud to debut the new feature with the Grupo Multimedios,” said Natalie White, Manager of Business Development at AudioNow.