Hear Live Coverage of El Salvador’s Presidential Elections Anywhere in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. (January 17, 2014) — Ten leading Salvadoran radio stations, broadcasting news and information about the upcoming presidential election on February 2nd, can be heard live in the U.S. from any mobile phone. To hear any of the following stations, simply dial the phone number listed:

Radio Nacional de El Salvador 96.9 FM 712.432.8440
Radio YSKL La Poderosa 231 460 1770
Cadena Cuscatlan 98.5 FM 712.432.8425
Radio Cadena Mi Gente AM 700 712.432.6898
Esradio.net desde San Salvador 712.432.7045
Radio Chalatenango 1290 AM 231.460.1290
Radio Chaparrastique 106.1 FM 213.992.4308
Unica Radio 231.460.1010
Radio el Mundo 93.7 FM 716.274.2503
Radio Clasica 103.3 FM 716.274.2513

There is no extra cost for the call, as calls only use mobile minutes.

Radio Nacional de El Salvador, Radio YSKL La Poderosa, Radio Cuscatlan, Radio Cadena Mi Gente, Esradio, Unica Radio and Radio Chaparrastique will have all day, 6 am to Midnight (CST), live coverage on election day.

Now, and running up to the elections, Radio Cuscatlan will broadcast interviews with politicians and political personalities mornings between 7 am – 8 am and evenings 8 pm – 9 pm (CST), Monday through Friday. To listen dial: 712.432.8425.  Radio Chaparrastique (213.992.4308) will report on the candidates and their campaigns during their evening news programming beginning at 6 pm (CST).  And Esradio, accessible on 712.432.7045,  will air their program “Puntero Electoral,” with analysis of the candidates and their campaigns on January 20th between 6 pm and 6:45 pm (CST). Unica Radio will air news about the elections every morning between 6 am and 7 am(CST), Monday through Friday, , as well as in the evenings between 3 pm and 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday.  Radio el Mundo (716.274.2503) and Radio Clasica (716.274.2513) will also broadcast interviews with candidates running up to the elections.

Lastly, remember to tune in to, “Conversando con el Presidente” to hear El Salvador’s current president respond to audience questions each Saturday between 11 am and 12 pm (CST) on Radio Nacional de El Salvador, 712.432.8440.