Grupo Oro in Mexico and AudioNow® Launch First-Ever Mobile App

February 18, 2016 – Washington, D.C. Grupo Oro, a premiere broadcaster from Puebla, Mexico, and AudioNow, the leading provider of Call-to-Listen ™ and in-language mobile applications, announced today the launch of Grupo Oro’s first app for Android and iPhone:


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To serve their growing audience in Puebla, as well as listeners who live in the United States, Grupo Oro partnered with AudioNow to establish a mobile presence. In addition to streaming live broadcasts, the app also offers the following recorded programs as downloadable podcasts:

  • Oro Noticias Primera, y Segunda Emision: the latest news headlines from Mexico and around the world right on your phone.
  • Música con Selene Ocampo y Paco Arrieta: specially curated music, from today’s top hits, to classic favorites.
  • Heineken High Music: the best of party music, remixes, and specialty beats.

“I am excited to meet our audience on a new platform, bringing our content to mobile phones where listeners already prefer to access their music. AudioNow has been a great asset in helping us implement our vision for our mobile app, and I can’t wait to see the impact.”

— Juan Armando Torrelemus, Director General, Grupo Oro

Besides offering the best of Grupo Oro’s content, the app also brings the following features for audience engagement:

  • Embedded Facebook Feed
  • YouTube launch button
  • Soundcloud connectivity
  • Easy access to website

“As a company we have been committed to serving in-language stations on mobile solutions to reach their global audiences. I am thrilled to launch this partnership with Grupo Oro to spread their content throughout Puebla, and beyond.”

— Elan Blutinger, CEO, AudioNow®