Reach listeners on any mobile phone.

Our innovative “Call-to-listen” platform allows audiences to listen to their favorite radio or television station through a simple telephone call.

Each broadcaster on the AudioNow® platform has a dedicated access number. Listeners calling in will connect immediately to the broadcaster’s live or on-demand programming. Calls use mobile minutes with no additional or incremental charge and the service does not require a smartphone, data plan or internet connection.

Why do broadcasters use Call-to-Listen?

To bridge the digital divide.

Nearly 40% of the U.S. population does not own a smartphone, and for those that do streaming audio can mean high data costs. With Call-to-listen broadcasters reach listeners on any mobile phone anywhere in the U.S., including both smartphones and basic feature phones. Listener calls use regular voice minutes with no extra charge. Call-to-listen is available in additional select countries in North America and Europe.

To reach displaced audiences

AudioNow® connects broadcasters from around the world to displaced populations. For listeners in diaspora or far from the town or country where they grew up, Call-to-listen provides easy access to news, information and entertainment from home, in a familiar language.

AudioNow®’s call-to-listen platform functions in conjunction with AudioNow® Digital’s mobile apps, which means listeners may choose to use their data plans in order to listen to radio stations, or voice minutes through a basic telephone call from any phone–thus limiting technological and economic barriers.

To offer on-demand content

With Call-to-listen broadcasters can connect both live and on-demand content. Listeners calling in will hear a short audio menu of listening options. To hear the broadcast live listeners are prompted to press #1 on the keypad, to listen to select programs from the previous week listeners are prompted to press #2-9.

For listener statistics

With Call-to-listen, AudioNow® helps broadcasters learn more about audience behavior. AudioNow® broadcasters receive daily and monthly audience statistics summarizing total listener calls, calls per hour and the average length of a listener’s call session.
The average listener on the AudioNow® platform calls three times per day and listens for 23 minutes each session.


Sample Call-to-Listen Numbers








Apart from Call-to-listen AudioNow® offers through AudioNow® Digital a suite of individually branded mobile apps specifically designed for broadcasters.