AudioNow’s Polling Technology Gives Broadcasters New Insight into Haitian Presidential Debate

October 7, 2015 – AudioNow, the world’s leading mobile platform connecting in-language broadcasters to audiences through call-to-listen and mobile apps, announced today the results of an innovative poll conducted live in Miami last Sunday following a debate with Haiti’s leading presidential candidates.

Organized by the diaspora organization Friends of Haiti, and Radio Television Caraibes, the debate featured eight of Haiti’s 54 presidential candidates participating in the October 25th election. AudioNow provided Haitians in the US an opportunity to participate through a poll on its app and call-to-listen number with Radio Television Caraibes. Haitian diaspora, who cannot vote in Haiti’s election, but who are often influential in steering family and friends at home, were asked: Who won the debate? after the candidates completed their fiery exchange.

Over 6,000 people responded to the poll, with Steven Benoit selected as the winner of the debate, followed by Clarens Renois and Samuel Madistin, respectively.

“We proved with the support of technology, a real debate has no physical space limitations, and can be entertained whether in Haiti or in the States, “ said Magalie Theodore, a leading organizer on behalf of Friends of Haiti. “ With the collaboration of Audio Now and Radio Caraibes, Friends of Haiti 2010 was able to reach more than 1500 people in the North Miami High School Auditorium, and an estimate of more than 3 million people across the globe.“

“We are proud to have brought technology to the masses for the greater good of the country, “ added Moryl Gattereau an associate from Radio Television Caraibes. “It was a pleasure to partner with AudioNow on this venture.”

AudioNow’s poll was also featured in a lead-up story to the debate by the Miami Herald.