AudioNow Engagement App: Industry Insight

AudioNow solves the two most pressing challenges facing broadcasters on mobile devices: expanding mobile distribution and optimizing and engaging mobile listeners in the market. Listeners want information when they want it, and how they want it. AudioNow’s native responsive apps provide options to better engage broadcasters simply and elegantly.

Neal Augenstein, a technology editor for WTOP, Washington’s leading traffic and news station, outlines in his piece Broadcaster Are Missing a Huge Mobile Opportunity: Engagement in Apps, published on PBS’s MediaShift, that many broadcasters acknowledge that mobile is the future, but have no strategic plan for getting there.

Where does the future meet now? AudioNow Engagement Apps.

When a listener opens an AudioNow app, they are presented with the option to listen to an audio stream via streaming or a call-to-listen platform. They can further receive news by opting into push notifications, or utilizing a station’s RSS feed.

Engaging with the station has never been easier. Now with one touch listeners can send broadcasters high-quality video, audio, photo, or text messages. User-submitted content has never been easier to send, or receive. And broadcasters can now eliminate costly SMS fees by communicating to listeners through our platform.

If you’re interested in exploring how to modernize your mobile strategy with the industry’s most engaging, native mobile app, contact Rebecca Walker, Director of Digital Partnerships, at AudioNow at