AudioNow® Announces New Initiative AudioYa

June 23, 2016

Dear Friends of AudioNow®,

For the past eight years, our focus has been on delivering innovative mobile distribution services that support and sustain independent media. More than 4,500 independent in-language broadcasters all over the world depend on AudioNow® for their sustainability and growth. In a race to expand digital services and capture younger audiences, broadcasters continue to face a decline in margins, coupled with a shrinking traditional media sector.

It is now time for new and innovative strategies to help our partners grow and leverage our scale. AudioNow®, recently launched AudioYa, our new initiative to develop new revenue streams through advertising and hyper-local marketing. To lead our efforts, Rolo Duartes has joined our team as President of AudioYa. Mr. Duartes is an industry veteran and former EVP of Univision, the nation’s largest Spanish-language broadcaster. He brings extensive expertise in mobile and digital media, as well as, considerable experience in finance, engineering, and sales. Mr. Duartes will initially target his efforts towards Spanish-language media and eventually scale towards a number of targeted audiences around the globe.

An example of this new intiative is our recent partnership with several stations, which, for the first time, gave listeners across many of our partner stations access to the Copa America Centenario games. Our ability to expand the programming for our partners like this adds value to their businesses by increasing the size of their audience and enriching the content of their programming. To engage the listeners, we gave away tickets, through our broadcasters, for four lucky listeners to attend the championship Copa Centenario game. This was a great opportunity for broadcasters and their listeners. Another example is our development of advertising partners who will be able to deliver pre-roll messages targeted to certain demographics and specific area codes. This has the potential to both maximize marketing dollars and increase return on ad-investment. As we move forward with these partnerships and others, please be assured that our content will always reflect the values of our partners and we will continue to follow industry standards.

Through our team’s 50+ years of broadcast experience, we have learned that change is going to happen and, when it does, it is critical that we welcome it. We are pleased that the majority of our partners are excited about this new direction. AudioNow® is committed to leading the change so that we can provide superior services and content to our partners.


Elan J. Blutinger
Chairman and CEO