AudioNow Announces Mobile Campaign to Support CDC’s Ebola Response

AudioNow Announces Mobile Campaign to Support CDC’s Ebola Response

PSAs airing in Liberia, Guinea, and Across U.S. Broadcasters serving West African Diaspora

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 10, 2014 — In an effort to reach communities in West Africa with urgent health messages on Ebola, as well as West African diaspora in the U.S., AudioNow announced an initiative today, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to air radio public service announcements about protection and how to keep the disease from spreading.

AudioNow, the largest call-to-listen platform in the United States, partners with over 2,000 broadcasters around the world to connect their audio programs to mobile phones. In 76 different languages, and over 90 different ethnic groups, the platform is unique in reaching hard-to-reach communities on mobile phones.

The PSAs will air in English, French, Hausa, and Fulani on specific AudioNow partner stations and will focus on informing and educating audiences about symptoms and transmission. The PSAs airing in the United States offer an extended feature for further detailed information if requested. In addition to the domestic PSAs, AudioNow is also helping share two PSAs in Liberia and Guinea: one from former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who recorded a PSA at CDC emphasizing the risk of funeral practices that involve the touching of bodies; and one from the First Lady of Guinea Djene Kaba Condé, who recorded a PSA at CDC about hand-washing and the importance of early hospital treatment.

“West African communities in the United States are a critical link in getting health messages about Ebola to their friends and family in West Africa,” said Vivi Siegel, outreach lead for CDC’s Ebola Joint Information Center. “Many are concerned and anxious about the outbreak and are looking for ways to help. This partnership is an opportunity to reach these communities through a source of media they use every day.”

AudioNow is conducting the campaign on a pro bono basis.

“It’s an honor to help the CDC reach hard-to-reach audiences at a time of global health crisis,” said Elan Blutinger, CEO of AudioNow. “West African diaspora in the U.S. are a trusted source of messages for those in their home countries, and it’s important to work with them to effectively transmit accurate health messages to West Africa.”