Adventist World Radio Joins AudioNow

July 24, 2014, Washington, D.C.– Adventist World Radio, the official mission radio arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and AudioNow, the world’s leading call-to-listen provider, announced a partnership today to expand AWR’s audio content through its mobile platform in the United States.

The programs can be accessed through the following numbers:

AWR Amharic 712.432.9970
AWR Masai 712.432.9971
AWR Swahili 712.432.9972
AWR Vietnamese 712.432.9973
AWR Korean 712.432.9974
AWR Tagalog 712.432.9975
AWR Hindi 712.432.9976
AWR Spanish 712.432.9977
AWR French 712.432.9978
AWR Arabic 712.432.9979

Listeners can access AWR content by simply dialing the local access phone number on any landline or mobile device. The service does not require a smartphone or app and uses voice minutes rather than data plans.

Adventist World Radio broadcasts in nearly 100 languages worldwide. Rather than merely translating a generic, centralized English set of programs, the organization works with local producers – in about 70 studios around the world – who are from the same language and cultural groups as their target audiences. They create programs that are contextualized for their local listeners. The programs are designed for primarily non-Christian listeners; segments include short sermons, Bible lessons, interviews, and dramas. AWR also airs programming for children, medical-advice forums, discussions on family life, and musical presentations.

“Working with AudioNow fits within our core mission to broadcast to the hardest-to-reach people groups of the world in their own languages,” said Marvin King, Web Manager for Adventist World Radio. “Now, diaspora groups in the U.S. can be connected to AWR programs with just a simple telephone call.”

“This is an opportunity to connect local-language stories from ten key regions of the globe to mobile listeners who seek connectivity to AWR on any phone,” said Alexandra Moe, Director of Strategic Partnerships at AudioNow. “The partnership provides an easy bridge between popular programming and devoted audiences who are on the move.”

About Adventist World Radio

Adventist World Radio is the international broadcast service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its mission is to bring a message of hope to people in the hardest-to-reach places on earth, in their own languages. AWR currently transmits programs in nearly 100 major language via shortwave and AM/FM radio, on demand, and podcasts, which are produced in locally-operated studios. Its goal is to ultimately provide programs in the 200+ essential languages of the world. For more information, visit

About AudioNow

AudioNow, based in Washington, DC, is the leading call-to-listen platform in the world. With broadcast partners on every continent, AudioNow extends the reach of radio by connecting mobile listeners to their favorite radio stations through a simple telephone call. The AudioNow platform uses proprietary “HD” voice design and patent-pending technology that serves all mobile platforms. AudioNow has more than 2,000 broadcast partners, including global leaders such as the United Nations, BBC, RFI, Voice of America, Entravision, C-SPAN and IMG College. In 2013 AudioNow delivered 2 billion listening minutes to its broadcast partners and connected users 84 million times to its platform.