The AudioNow Story

In 2008, we launched operations to connect diaspora communities to their countries of origin and news in their native languages through universal, mobile access to radio content. But it was the 2010 Haiti earthquake that served as the catalyst of AudioNow’s growth.

During this catastrophic event, we found that Haitian radio broadcasters were desperate to reach the diaspora living in the United States, so, on a pro bono basis, AudioNow expanded its unique call-to-listen radio service to help Haiti’s radio and television stations extend their reach and connect to their listeners by phone wherever they might be located.

Today, we are the broadcasting industry’s most innovative mobile distribution media company. We developed and operate the largest, most trusted in language call-to-listen platform in the world for select broadcasting partners and design and build the most innovative mobile apps. Our expertise allows broadcasters to monetize their content on mobile phones with higher returns on investment. At the end of 2015 we connected more than 5,000 radio and television stations broadcasting in over 100 languages to more than 7.0 million unique listeners.


Smartphone Apps & Radio by Phone

Though access to our call-to-listen platform continues to grow daily with new broadcast partners and radio listeners around the world, we learned from our partner stations about their need for smartphone apps. So, we launched a suite of interactive digital apps for mobile phones, designed specifically for radio listeners in the diaspora and the radio stations that seek to reach them. Combined with establishing partnerships with telecoms in new countries every year, AudioNow offers the only way for broadcasters to expand distribution to mobile markets worldwide and monetize their content through our platform services.

As we move forward, we are listening closely to radio broadcasters who tell us that they want to do much more than simply push radio content to displaced listeners. Instead, they want to use mobile technologies to create an immersive, two-way experience that allows true connection, communication, engagement and radio statistics.

We are committed to extending the global reach of our radio broadcast partners through innovation and help empower their diaspora listeners through access to information.

The “Call to Listen” and “Call-to-Listen” phrase is a trademark of Alpine Audio Now, LLC.