2014 Climate Change Opinion Poll: Diaspora Audiences Weigh In

As world leaders, business executives and environmentalists gather for a global conversation on climate change at the United Nations on September 23rd, AudioNow surveyed key diaspora groups in the United States on their views.

Through our proprietary, “AudioNow Insights” Flash Poll system, the platform provides micro-insights into its various ethnic groups and hard-to-reach communities. AudioNow is the world’s largest mobile platform connecting radio broadcasters around the world to listeners in the diaspora through call-to-listen mobile technology.

Vietnamese, Punjabi, and Haitian U.S radio audiences were asked a baseline question on climate change in their own language, in an effort to determine whether respondents view climate change to be real, and to assess the degree of the threat:

“Do you believe climate change is a major threat/ a minor threat/ of no real threat?”

The following are the key findings:


Of U.S. diaspora communities polled, the large majority of respondents feel that climate change is a ‘major threat.’

• 84% of all Haitian-Creole listeners, 68% of Vietnamese-language listeners, and 64% of Punjabi-language listeners polled feel climate change is a ‘major threat.’

• Over 80% of all respondents view climate change to be ‘real.’

A greater percentage of the diaspora groups polled consider climate change to be a ‘major threat,’ than that of the American population as a whole. A Pew Research survey from 2013 reported that only 40% of Americans see global climate change as a ‘major threat.’

Relatively few respondents feel that global warming poses only a ‘minor threat,’ or ‘no threat at all.’

• Only 6% of Haitian diaspora respondents, 7% of Punjabi diaspora respondents, and 12 % of Vietnamese diaspora respondents indicated they feel climate change to be a ‘minor threat.’

• Only 6% of both Haitian diaspora and Punjabi diaspora respondents, and 7% of Vietnamese diaspora respondents indicated they feel climate change poses ‘no real threat.’

Participation rates, higher than industry standards, indicate eagerness of diaspora audiences to have their opinions heard on the issue.

• 2,924 Punjabi diaspora participated in our poll on climate change, representing a 42% response rate.

• Additionally, the survey yielded a 23% response rate from the Haitian diaspora, and 9% response rate from the Vietnamese diaspora.

From September 12-16th, the survey was conducted among 3,904 news attentive listeners, from three broadcasting stations: Radio Kiskeya (in Creole); Punjabi Radio USA (Punjabi); and Radio Saigon Houston (Vietnamese), with callers participating from across the U.S.

The survey was conducted using the AudioNow® Insights TM feature, a unique tool that enables audience research among participating broadcasters on the AudioNow platform. With exceptionally high audience response rates and cost efficiencies unavailable through traditional outbound polling, the service offers a window into opinions among the hardest to reach communities in the U.S.