La radio par téléphone

Becoming an AudioNow broadcast partner is free.

*  When you sign up, no matter where in the world you broadcast from, you get a dedicated phone number that lets listeners in the U.S. call in and hear your broadcasts over the phone.

*  AudioNow offers phone numbers in additional countries, available to broadcasters who meet minimum call volume qualifications.

*  You can also receive a customized mobile app for your station when you meet call volume criteria.

AudioNow Digital apps are designed specifically for ethnic listeners in the diaspora and the stations that seek to reach them. Our apps promote « active » engagement between the broadcaster and listener and create an immersive, two-way media experience.

Features offered to AudioNow broadcasters:

Your Station | On Demand

On Demand enables you to let your audience listen to exactly what they want, whenever they want, and helps you connect with your audience across different time zones. We can offer any recent or archived program fully on demand and through a custom easy-to-use keypad menu for listeners.

Flash Poll

The AudioNow Flash Poll is a rapid response measurement tool that allows a broadcaster to take a quick pulse of their audience in real time and as breaking news unfolds. With a simple and agile setup, you can survey your listeners within minutes through your AudioNow account.

An example of our Flash Poll results.


Through our FeedBack feature, listeners can leave personalized messages for you about their favorite shows and share their opinions about the news of the day. This content can then be used on-air at your discretion.

Real Time Statistics

AudioNow provides a real-time listener count, as well as daily and monthly reports to help our partners asses their programming. On the account dashboard, partners can see how many people are currently on the line. Statistic reports emailed daily show how many listeners call in by the hour, while monthly reports summarize the total amount of listeners as well as the top five listening states.

An example of a station’s listener statistics.


Created for sports fans, AudioMatch enables listeners to sync and match their favorite local radio announcer to televised games in real time.FR v1