Mobile Apps

Connect with your audience

AudioNow Digital’s unique “engagement “apps are designed to connect ethnic and hard-to-reach listeners with broadcasters that want to reach them. Our apps promote “active engagement” between the radio broadcaster and listener and create an immersive, two-way media experience.

AudioNow Digital creates apps for broadcasters to cover the entire mobile market. In addition to our call-to-listen platform, broadcasters use our digital apps to reach listeners on iPhone and Android devices, serving them with the below features:

One touch call-to-listen

Expand your audience in “dark” markets where broadcast signals are unavailable or Internet connectivity is limited. Connect listeners to your station with a simple one-touch phone call.

“Support this station” functionality

Advance your station’s financial health. Enable quick and easy listener donations to your station or charities and NGOs you endorse. Support fundraising campaigns, mobilize for disaster relief, help your community, and broaden your reach if you are a religious broadcaster. Payment interface is branded exclusively for your station.

Enhanced broadcaster communications

Send programming and news alerts directly to listeners, promote events and conduct flash polls-instantly and easily.

One-touch VOIP calling

Make it easy for listeners to call your station to provide eyewitness and crowd-sourced reporting and news tips from around the world.

Active listener engagement

Your listeners get direct instant messaging with your station. A universal “share” feature promotes listener-to-listener viral marketing of your programming.

Listener-controlled bandwidth management

Empower listeners of varying economic circumstances. Listeners control costs by selecting bandwidth quality based on local market conditions and content format.