Survey diaspora with greater reach and response than ever before

In 2013 we launched AudioNow® Insights, a unique tool that surveys the opinions of the hardest to reach communities in the United States. AudioNow surveys for mobile phones provide unparalleled access to U.S. diaspora communities, with response rates that exceed industry standards.

Recent polls include “New Survey Feature Brings Broadcasters Closer to their Audiences: Issues of Top Concern to Immigrant Communities” (with Hart Research); “Reaching Diaspora Through Mobile Radio: Study of Somali and Haitian Remittance Habits;” and “Climate Change Flash Poll: Diaspora Audiences Weigh In.”

Knight Foundation study on immigrant talent, 2015

During January, 2015, AudioNow® helped survey college-educated immigrants across the U.S. as part of a new immigrant talent study funded by the Knight Foundation. Surveys were launched in five languages including Amharic, English, Haitian Creole, Punjabi and Swahili. Read more about the study, and the survey conducted by AudioNow.

To hear a sample of the English survey call 213.493.0110

AudioNow® Delivers:

• Turnkey in-language telephone surveys with fast turn-around
• Unequaled access to hard-to-reach communities on mobile phones
• A highly engaged audience with response rates that exceed industry standards
• Surveys conducted by trusted media spokespersons
• The ability to individually contact respondents that ‘opt-in’
• The ability to survey set populations multiple times and track changing opinions
• An unparalleled cost-effective and efficient way to reach diaspora communities

How it Works:

AudioNow surveys are administered to radio audiences across AudiNow’s call-to-listen platform. With call-to-listen, listeners dial a regular telephone number on any mobile phone to listen to their favorite radio station live. Callers hear a short prompt with the option to take the survey or decline before being connected to the regular broadcast. Respondents answer survey questions by selecting keys on their phone pad.

The unique power of AudioNow’s survey tool is its ability to reach ‘active’ respondents on their mobile phones. Listeners make the call, and are asked to take the survey by trusted radio personalities.

AudioNow® reaches more than 2 million unique radio listeners. This number grows every
day and scale for AudioNow is about the quality and hard-to-reach nature of our audience, as well as the depth of our listener engagement.