"Working with AudioNow, WTEM 980 ("Home of the Redskins") reaches fans beyond the AM signal, and fans who are away from the radio or Internet. Their daily reports give a great window into our daily audience, and which shows are most popular. We recommend AudioNow to anyone who wants to expand their mobile listeners."

Rick Carmean

Chief Executive Officer, Red Zebra Broadcasting
"Sagal Radio is a current user of Audio Now. We have been using Audio Now for the past two years. We are very happy with the response we have received to date, and would have no hesitation in recommending Audio Now to any radio station. Because of the AudioNow phone number, our audience grows every day. We love it.”"Saga Radio est un utilisateur actuel d'AudioNow. Nous utilisons AudioNow depuis deux ans. Nous sommes très heureux de la réponse que nous avons obtenue à ce jour, et je n'aurais aucune hésitation à recommander AudioNow à une station de radio. En raison du nombre de téléphone AudioNow, notre public grandit chaque jour. Nous aimons ca ".

Hussien Mohamed

Director of Sagal Radio, serving refugee communities
"Kiskeya broadcast on the internet in recent years. But we lacked a huge of our audience because the communities could not afford the cost of data plans to stay in touch with what was happening in Haiti. Audio Now us helped bridge the gap between Haitian communities across America. today, we wonder how we could have done without AudioNow ".

Harold Isaac

Kiskeya International Inc.
"Audio Now has brought Radio Cadena Mi Gente, AM 700 further into the future; Internet is no longer the only way to transmit our signal to the world, now people in the United States are only a phone call away to hear each other's thoughts".

William Osmar Chamagua

Cadena Mi Gente Director General (El Salvador)
"Audionow is the new technology that helps increase our radio listeners. This technology has no distance. I love it and have had some very powerful experiences via AudioNow. For the convenience of working my busy schedule around AudioNow has made all the difference."

Ovinsky Wilson

TeleBoston CEO
"Audionow has been a crucial part in the growth of Punjabi Radio USA. The dial-in phone services expands our reach significantly further than our terrestrial stations ever could and it is a hit with those on the road! The ease of use in updating streams and podcast data saves us time, allowing us to focus on other tasks, streamlining our operation. Their support team is very prompt in troubleshooting any issues that arise."

Mr. Harjot S. Khalsa

Punjabi Radio USA
"On board with AudioNow since 2010, Signal FM Haiti has since been soaring in the realm of radio broadcasting beyond frontiers. The Haitian communities overseas are ecstatic about calling free from their cell phones to access real time information from their country through AudioNow's call-to-listen technology! It is indeed a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency and we appreciate the friendly business relationship we have with AudioNow. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come!"

Mario Viau

PDG, Signal FM
"AudioNow expands the daily reach of C-SPAN Radio to listeners across the U.S., many of whom are in the Midwest. Through the service, we're able to extend far outside of the Beltway, to an incremental mobile audience."

Stephen Harkness

Director of New Media, C-SPAN, Washington, D.C