Leading Broadcasters and Breaking News from Ukraine Now Available by Mobile Phone in U.S. and England

Espreso.tv, UkrStream.tv, and Radio Svoboda offer real-time reporting from Kyiv

February 28, 2014 – Following weeks of upheaval in Ukraine, where violence and the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych dominated international headlines and where independent Ukrainian media sources remain limited, three leading broadcasters announced today a partnership with AudioNow – the world’s leading call-to-listen provider – to expand the reach of their programs to Ukrainian diaspora.

Espreso.tv and UkrStream.tv, based in Kyiv, and Radio Svoboda, the Ukrainian-language broadcast of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, are now offering 24/7 reporting and news updates to mobile phones across the U.S. and U.K.

Radio Svoboda can now be heard from any mobile phone in the U.S. by calling 415.638.5770, and in the UK by calling  There is no cost for the call beyond mobile minutes.  As data costs continue to rise on mobile devices, call-to-listen technology is emerging as one of the most affordable ways for listeners to connect to their favorite broadcasters and organizations.

Established in 1954, Radio Svoboda/RFE is Ukraine’s most popular and trusted international broadcaster.   With a staff of 26 in Kyiv, dozens of stringers on the ground, and over 12 hours of daily programming, Editor in Chief Nedad Pejic remarked on the importance of providing news and information during the unrest.

“Our data says that United States is the second country, after Ukraine, to visit the site of RFE/RL in Ukrainian.  We registered 228,000 visits from United States in three days — from February 18th – February 21st. The diaspora audience needs to know that is happening and this is why this AudioNow platform is important to us,” said Pejic.

UkrStream.tv was created as an independent news source as the unrest began, by professional journalists in Ukraine who see a need for more unbiased reporting.  In the five weeks since its launch, the channel is reporting 20 million views from around the world.

“Our cameras operate 24 hours per day, and capture everything that happens on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv.   And you can listen to what happens on the stage on Maidan – the center of the Ukrainian civil protest,” said Timur Vasiljev, Co-founder of UkrStream.tv.  “It is very important to us for reach the diaspora and give the possibility to be in contact with the course of protests in every possible way.”

UkrStream.tv can be now heard by mobile phone in the U.S. on 712.432.7880, and in the UK on

Espreso.tv, founded in 2013, is a privately owned TV channel from Ukraine. The station’s goal is to act as a megaphone for the most current news in Ukraine, both inside the country and for Ukrainians living abroad.

Espreso.tv aims to unite those who care about democratization of Ukraine.  Espreso.tv is dedicated to accurate and objective reporting of political, social, and cultural life, to discussions of nationally important issues and events, conducted by well known personalities,” says staffer Anna Patentna from Kyiv.

Espreso.tv can be heard by mobile phone in the U.S. on 712.432.9775, and in the UK on

“As part of our mission to provide the hard-to-reach with universal access to important information, AudioNow is committed to connecting broadcasters in times of conflict to diaspora audiences eager for real-time news,” says George Cernat, Chief Marketing Officer of AudioNow. “We look to serve wherever there is a global crisis and bridge the digital divide.”

The complete listing of Ukrainian-language programming available immediately in the U.S. through AudioNow is as follows:

Radio Svoboda415.638.5770



For more information on AudioNow or the company’s work with broadcasters in Ukraine, please contact George Cernat at:  george.cernat@audionow.com .

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