Radio Romania International Mobile App Now Available from AudioNow®

February 10, 2017 – Washington, D.C. – AudioNow®, the leading mobile distribution platform for global broadcasters designed around listener engagement, and Radio Romania International, a department of the Romanian national public radio, announce a new mobile app featuring live local updates, news and reporting from the leading international broadcaster in Romania through a partnership with AudioNow®.

Download here on Google Play and the App Store:

Radio Romania International (RRI) broadcasts 54 hours of programmes daily, in 12 languages and dialects across the world. Dialects in the app include Romanian, Aromanian dialect, English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Ukrainian, Serbian, Arabic and French.

“Working with the highly professional team at AudioNow® was a great choice and, in record time, Radio Romania International (RRI) was able to offer its users, on both iOS and Android platforms, a new app focused on live broadcasting and on demand shows,” said Eugen Cojocaru, Head of RRI. “We’re now able to interact more with our listeners through Radio Reporter feature and to make sure they are up to date with all our news on social media. It allows our audience to reach us by using the communication and technical methods they like most.”

RRI’s first radio programs produced for audiences abroad were aired from Romania in the early 1930s. Featured programs on the app include: Totul despre România; RRI Interactiv; Veşti de acasă; Cum ne place; Weekend cu prietenii etc.

“Listeners can now easily access news and information from RRI, anywhere in the world,” said Rebecca Walker, Director of Digital Partnerships at AudioNow®. “Additionally, more than 500,000 Romanians reside in the U.S. and we are proud to partner with RRI to provide this bridge home.”

For more information, contact George Cernat at:

AudioNow® and Outernet Reach Agreement, Opening New Mobile Satellite Distribution Channel for Broadcasters

February 7, 2017 – Washington, D.C. – AudioNow® the leading mobile distribution platform for global broadcasters designed around listener engagement, and Outernet, a global broadcast data company, have entered into a strategic partnership to connect AudioNow® to mobile listeners even in the most remote parts of the world, through a simple satellite device.

Outernet can be received with a low-cost receiver from any part of the globe. The pilot with AudioNow® allows Outernet to deliver audio content from all over the world to any Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phone; the Outernet device creates a Wi-Fi hotspot which delivers offline content and updates to mobile devices.

“This strategic partnership with the world’s largest in-language mobile audio platform allows Outernet the opportunity to broaden connectivity where access is limited but the desire for information is great,” says Syed Karim, CEO of Outernet.

Broadcasters on the AudioNow® platform will now be accessible via a truly cutting edge satellite delivery service. “Many of our broadcasters have listeners in areas of the world where bandwidth is low or too expensive to access regularly, in Africa, India, and elsewhere,” says Alexandra Moe, Director of Strategic Partnerships at AudioNow®. “We are looking forward to providing a new level of mobile connectivity for our broadcasters, and stay ahead of the curve in our commitment to open new distribution channels.”

AudioNow® partners include BBC, VOA, CGTN, RFI, WTOP, RFA, Deutsche Welle, Radio America, Multimedios, Radio Television Caraibes, United Nations, and apps in over 50 languages.

ICN Chinese American Voice Launches Groundbreaking Mandarin Radio App with AudioNow®

February 1, 2017 – Washington, D.C. – New York’s oldest Mandarin language radio station, ICN Chinese American Voice, breaks new ground with a cutting-edge mobile application exclusive for its radio programming and especially designed for diaspora audiences. This exciting new app is developed in partnership with Washington D.C.-based AudioNow®, the leading developer of innovative, in-language apps for global and local broadcasters.

The app, Chinese American Voice, is free to download from Google Play and the App Store.

The Chinese American Voice app allows listeners access to the 24-hour live broadcast of ICN radio around the world, as well as podcasts of their favorite programs, and access to show hosts via the app’s Radio Reporter feature. The tool allows listeners to send photos, videos and text direct to the station in response to breaking news, public polls or promotions.

Coming in 2017, listeners will have access to licensed remittance services in Chinese American Voice’s mobile app. This service gives customers a simple, secure and low-cost way to send money home through their mobile phone. AudioNow®,’s mobile money transfer feature represents the first-ever payment system in media apps aimed at lowering consumer fees while benefiting broadcasters and their audiences. Helping provide innovative new services to the community like mobile money transfers has been a distinguishing tenet of ICN Chinese American Voice Radio.

Based in Flushing, New York, Chinese American Voice was founded in 1986 by media entrepreneur, Richard Hsueh. The station broadcasts news from China, the U.S., and the New York tri-state area in Mandarin, also providing programming covering arts and culture, politics, and current events of particular interest to the diaspora community.

Popular programs include, “Let’s Discuss it Together” hosted by Richard Hsueh, “Mercy Community Forum” hosted by Peter Tu, “Looking Left, Right, Forward” hosted by YingJun Lin, “Sporting World” hosted by GuangYang Peng and Women’s Magazine” hosted by Belinda Hsu, among others.

The Chinese American Voice app enables users to:

  • Listen to Chinese American Voice radio programs live and on demand;
  • Choose between listening to live radio streaming via telephone call or internet connection to save money and bandwidth;
  • Save on data costs via the “Low-Bandwidth Mode”;
  • Share audio content by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms;
  • Download podcasts, allowing listeners to access programs offline; and
  • Submit text, photos, audio files, and videos directly to station staff, essentially creating a legion of citizen journalists who can serve as the eyes and ears of Chinese American Voice.
  • Forthcoming: Listeners will soon be able to send money via the app.

For more information, contact AudioNow® Director of Digital Partnerships – Rebecca Walker at:

CGTN Expands U.S. Mobile Video App on AudioNow®

February 3, 2017 – Washington, D.C. – China Global Television Network (CGTN), formerly known as CCTV, has re-launched, with the English channel as its flagship. With their mobile-first initiatives, CGTN America worked with AudioNow®, the leading mobile developer of in-language apps for global broadcasters, to launch a new version of the app, in stores now.

The update puts engagement and accessibility at the forefront. CGTN is a multi-platform media group and the latest version of the app reflects just that. Now included in the app are both live and on-demand video content via YouTube, native integration of CGTN America’s social media channels, and the ability for users around the world to send news and updates directly to the station using the state-of-the-art Radio Reporter feature.

The app’s modular design allows each user to quickly hone in on the content that matters most to them. “It’s our pleasure to take our experience in creating apps for global broadcasters and use it to ensure CGTN’s audience still receives the top-notch content they’re accustomed to,” says Elan Blutinger, AudioNow® Chairman and CEO.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. since 2008, AudioNow® has become the leading developer of unique innovative apps for global and local broadcasters designed around listener engagement unique to communities and broadcaster genres. In addition to CGTN America, AudioNow® app partners include WTOP, VOA, BBC, Radio America, Multimedios, Radio Television Caraibes, United Nations, and apps in over 50 languages.

For more information, contact AudioNow® Director of Digital Partnerships – Rebecca Walker at:

AudioNow® and BBC World Service Announce Launch of the First BBC Somali App

BBC Somali news headlines and radio programmes are now available globally via the free BBC Somali App. Launched by BBC World Service and the in-language mobile distribution platform AudioNow, the app can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets or other connected devices. It is available through the iOS and Android app stores (via the AudioNow Digital account).

The light-touch BBC Somali App provides free radio programmes globally through an audio player, or via a standard-rate telephone call in selected territories. Headlines and news summaries in text are also available globally free of charge.

The app takes callers to BBC Somali radio content via a standard-rate telephone number (free with many mobile call bundles)* using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. The IVR feature is available to app users in the UK, US, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Sweden, Norway and Australia. A visual and audio prompt is given before the first phone call is made, to ensure listeners are aware of any costs they may incur.

Users can also play BBC Somali radio programmes using the app’s audio player. This gives the choice of listening via the IVR or streaming the content, while using the least possible amount of mobile data.

The BBC Somali App gives access to top news headlines and summaries from Additionally, by clicking on the summary, users are taken to the website where they can read stories in full.

BBC World Service Business Development Director, Simon Kendall, says: “The World Service is keen to connect with audiences on the devices and platforms most relevant to them, and the launch of the BBC Somali App will help us reach Somali communities living all over the world.”

BBC Somali Editor, Caroline Karobia, comments: “BBC Somali has a strong radio presence, with around 3.4 million people – in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries – tuning in every week, while the vast majority of traffic to comes via mobile phones. Digital audio mobile technology such as the new BBC Somali App serves this mobile-first audience, providing them with a direct way to access our content in audio and text.”

AudioNow is a US-based company, building targeted, in-language phone services and apps for broadcasters globally. Its mobile platform links various language broadcasters to diaspora audiences worldwide. This new app builds on the existing call-to-listen service provided by AudioNow, which, in the US alone, already delivers around one million calls a month to BBC Somali radio content.

“BBC World Service and AudioNow are focused on expanding the reach of the BBC’s world-class content to mobile audiences on any device,” adds Elan Blutinger, Chairman and CEO of AudioNow Holdings. “Since 2008, we have been a partner of the BBC, developing new ways to engage listeners, and let them discover and share multilingual content.”

BBC Somali is part of BBC World Service.

*Users are recommended to check call charges with their service provider.

Radio Free Asia Launches Audio Mobile Streamer App with AudioNow

December 7, 2016, Washington, D.C. – Radio Free Asia, a private, nonprofit multimedia news corporation broadcasting in 9 East Asian languages, and AudioNow®, the leading mobile platform for broadcasters, today announced a new start-of-the art mobile app to expand the reach of RFA’s global audio content, “RFA Mobile Streamer”.

The centerpiece of the AudioNow®-produced app is RFA’s award-winning investigative brand of domestic journalism via its audio programs, serving audiences in six Asian countries who otherwise lack access to reliable news and information. In-language programming by RFA Cantonese, Khmer (Cambodian), Korean, Lao, Mandarin, Myanmar, Tibetan, Uyghur, and Vietnamese is streamlined for an “audio-only” experience, where listeners can choose how to hear favorite programs over voice or data plans.

“RFA’s mission is to bring reliable, accurate news and information to people living in closed Asian countries,” said Rohit Mahajan, RFA’s Director of Public Affairs and Digital Strategy. “This app, which RFA is proud to launch with AudioNow®, provides a great way for people in Asia to access RFA’s programming and audio content through their mobile phones and devices.

RFA’s Mobile Streamer is available for download here:

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. since 2008, AudioNow® has become the leading developer of innovative, in-language apps for global and local broadcasters designed around listener engagement unique to communities and broadcaster genres.

RFA Mobile Streamer includes features that enables users to:

  • Listen to dozens of radio news programs in all of RFA’s nine languages on demand;
  • Choose between listening to audio over your phone cellular connection or data connection to save money and bandwidth;
  • Save on data costs with the Low-Bandwidth Mode in the settings;
  • Share audio content by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media services;
  • Download podcasts, allowing listeners to access programs offline; and
  • Users will soon be able to submit their citizen journalist content to RFA (allowing users to send text, photos, audio files, or video –- giving access to content in a variety of forms). This specific feature will be available in the upcoming weeks.

In addition to RFA, AudioNow® app partners include VOA, BBC, ESPN 980, WTOP, Radio America, Multimedios, CCTV, Radio Television Caraibes, United Nations, and apps in over 50 languages.

For more information, contact Rebecca Walker at:

ESPN 980, Washington’s Flagship Sports Radio station, launches AudioNow’s® innovative new modular V3 Mobile App

October 21, 2016 – Washington, D.C. ESPN 980 / WTEM, the premier flagship radio station of the Washington Redskins, and AudioNow®, the leading mobile platform for broadcasters, introduced V3, the industry’s new White Label mobile app featuring state-of-the-art modular design for multi-media content.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. since 2008, AudioNow® has become the leading developer of unique innovative apps for global and local broadcasters designed around listener engagement unique to communities and broadcaster genres. ESPN 980 is one of the largest radio stations in the Washington market, and beloved to sports fans nationally.

“This is one slick app with lots under the hood: live streaming, podcasts, galleries, blogs, social networks and more – but the design is still very clean and uncluttered. Our listeners can find what they’re looking for – fast. And that keeps them coming back. Love it.”

— Brian Hartz,
Director of Digital Media,
ESPN 980

AudioNow®’s modular designed app is one of the greatest benefits to the V3 upgrade because it allows each broadcaster to highlight what components and features of the app are most important to their listeners, and prioritize those first. Users no longer need to navigate through tabs and pages; they’re presented with one seamless homepage, accessing any content with a quick scroll and a click.

In addition to a sleek story-telling design, connecting diverse multi-media content in one place, the app also natively hosts all branded outlets.

Additional features to engage audiences include:

  • Targeted and Integrated Ads: The modular design allows for native ads to appear seamlessly. AudioNow has also on-boarded a new digital ad sales team to serve targeted ads to niche communities.
  • Native Integration of Social Media: All branded outlets under one feed. Our apps pull the latest Facebook posts, Tweets, and news stories so listeners can follow along without ever having to leave the app.
  • Push Notifications: Send programming, breaking news alerts, or score updates directly to listeners –instantly and easily—driving up user engagement.
  • Radio Reporter: User submitted content at its finest. Allows users to send you their fanfare via text, photos, audio files, or video –- giving access to content in a variety of forms.
  • Recorded programs: We record top programs for the broadcaster, and make them available on-demand so no matter where in the world listeners are, they can listen to their favorite programs anytime.

In addition to ESPN 980, AudioNow app partners include WTOP, VOA, Radio America, Multimedios, CCTV, Radio Television Caraibes, United Nations, and apps in over 50 languages.

For more information on AudioNow® contact Rebecca Walker, Director of Digital Partnerships:

La Cruz Roja y AudioNow® lanzan una aplicación de radio móvil interactiva para América Latina

8 de septiembre de 2016 – Washington, D.C. La Cruz Roja, en colaboración con AudioNow® lanzó una nueva aplicación (app) de radio móvil interactiva a la cual se puede acceder en toda América Latina. La aplicación aumenta la accesibilidad en todo el continente a la información y noticias importantes que difunde Radio Cruz Roja, la radio oficial de la Cruz Roja en América.

Radio Cruz Roja, con sede en la Ciudad de Panamá (Panamá), cuenta con el apoyo de la Delegación Regional de la Cruz Roja Americana. Mientras los oyentes sintonizan la programación de música popular, también podrán oír información importante y al día sobre temas de actualidad, temas de salud y situaciones humanitarias pertinentes a su región y sus comunidades. Los programas clave incluyen Punto de encuentro, el Programa de salud, o, como ejemplo de un asunto destacado recientemente, el Programa Virus Zika.

La nueva aplicación móvil desarrollada por AudioNow®, esta disponible en todos los dispositivos iPhone y Android en América Latina, permite que la audiencia escuche programas en vivo o seleccione programas recientes. Los oyentes pueden recibir notificaciones y anuncios directamente de la estación y, a través de la función reportero de radio, pueden enviar mensajes de texto, audio o imagen directamente a la estación.

AudioNow® es una compañía técnica de aplicaciones móviles y a desarrollado una tecnología “llamar para escuchar” para emisoras de radio y cuenta con más de 4.000 socios de radio y televisión en todo el mundo.

Para obtener más información sobre Radio Cruz Roja contacte a Roberto Brito De La Cuesta al

Para obtener más información sobre AudioNow® contacte a Natalie White, Gerente de Desarrollo Empresarial de AudioNow, al

Red Cross and AudioNow® Launch Interactive Mobile Radio App For Latin America

September 8, 2016 – Washington, D.C. The Red Cross recently released a new and interactive mobile radio app, accessible across Latin America, in partnership with AudioNow®, the world’s leading mobile technology provider for broadcasters. The app helps increase accessibility across the continents to important news and information disseminated by Radio Cruz Roja, the official radio station for the Red Cross in the Americas.

Radio Cruz Roja, based out of Panama City, Panama, is supported by the Regional Delegation of the Red Cross in the Americas (Delegación Regional de la Cruz Roja Americana). Listeners tuning-in to popular music programming can also hear important and up-to-date information on current events, health topics and humanitarian situations relevant to their region and communities. Key programs include Programa Punto de encuentro, Programa de salud, or an example of a recent focus, Programa Virus Zika.

The new mobile app, available on all Android and Apple phones across Latin America, permits audiences to listen live or select from recent programs. Listeners can receive notifications and announcements directly from the station, and through Radio Reporter feature, users can send their own text, audio or picture messages directly to station.

AudioNow® is the world’s leading provider of mobile apps and call-to-listen technology for broadcasters, with more than 4,000 radio and television partners worldwide.

For more information about Radio Cruz Roja contact Roberto Brito De La Cuesta at

For more information on AudioNow® contact Natalie White, Manager of Business Development for AudioNow:

AudioNow® lanza contenido original

Haciéndola en América, con Armando Guzmán

1 de septiembre de 2016

AudioNow®, la plataforma “llamar para escuchar” más importante del mundo, y una empresa de medios de comunicación móviles diversificada que atiende a las audiencias latinas y otras comunidades multiculturales de los Estados Unidos, lanzó hoy su primera serie de contenido original: Haciéndola en América, con Armando Guzmán.

Con esta nueva serie de contenido original, la audiencia latina de AudioNow®, podrá aprender, a través de una diversa experiencia de audio, acerca los retos de lo que necesita cuando está “Haciéndola en América”. Los espacios informativos cubrirán algunos de los temas más específicos que enfrentan los latinos que viven en los Estados Unidos. Armando Guzmán, con sus experiencias personales y un equipo especializado de investigadores, brinda sus 30 años de trayectoria como periodista y su reconocimiento mundial para explicar en detalle cómo superar las dificultades y qué pasos hay que seguir para alcanzar el Sueño Americano.

La serie de contenido original de AudioNow también ofrece a los anunciantes una plataforma nueva, interactiva y cautivante dirigida a determinados sectores de la población latina de los Estados Unidos a través de códigos de área y códigos postales específicos, sin que haya ningún desperdicio de la inversión en publicidad.

“Hemos diseñado una manera completamente nueva y eficiente para que nuestros anunciantes lleguen a la audiencia latina de los EE.UU. a través de mensajes especificamente dirigidos y enviados, en formato pre-roll que son transmitidos antes de que la audiencia disfrute de su programación favorita. Debido a que la audiencia está llamando a un número de acceso local, AudioNow®, puede transmitir mensajes especificos dirigidos a la ubicación y demografía de audiencia”, dijo Rolo Duartes, Presidente de AudioYa, la división multicultural y de contenido de AudioNow. “Hemos fortalecido el compromiso de ‘llamar para escuchar’ con algoritmos avanzados, maximizando así las opciones para que nuestros anunciantes asociados puedan construir y personalizar sus planes de marketing.”

Las emisoras también se beneficiarán de la adquisición de contenido original. AudioYa brindará la oportunidad a los socios de AudioNow®, de ampliar su audiencia a través de la programación original con derecho a la redifusión de esta y otras series de contenido original mediante sus números asignados en la plataforma AudioNow.

“Hemos creado una plataforma ‘llamar para escuchar’ que tiene más de 160 millones de sesiones anuales y es excelente para aprovechar estas capacidades de hipermarketing. Nosotros ofreceremos a los anunciantes y marcas respuestas en tiempo real, segmentación por comportamiento y oportunidades de generación de contenido. Además, podremos dirigirnos a las audiencias generales del mercado a través de la plataforma AudioNowSports, que incluirá fútbol universitario, NASCAR y la NFL”, agregó Duartes.

AudioNow®, cuenta con un panel de análisis de última generación, que incluye informes personalizados sobre la interacción de la audiencia, su demografía y su participación en general, con identificación de acciones para guiar las elecciones de anuncios de sus valiosos socios publicitarios.